News from the Betfair Greyhounds website suggests that the “Save our Stow” campaign to get racing back at Walthamstow stadium, despite several refusals from the housing association London & Quadrant which bought the land; still intends to carry on the campaign.

Betfair states:

“SOS Ltd. last week urged London & Quadrant, the housing association who are the new owners of the land which houses the iconic track, to “name its price” for the track which a consortium including L&Q are believed to have paid the Chandler family £23.5m for.
One source said: “They’ve taken a hit already in the present economic climate, do not plan to build on it, and must be losing money. We are ready to take it and have disclosed to them details of our financiers and an investment consultancy company ready to handle the sale.””

To read the full article please see the Betfair website LINK