As of 2009 the Irish government will be cutting the Horse and Greyhound Racing Fund allocation by 10 %, a cut of 1.32 million Euro over 2009.

This will no doubt have a big impact on the Irish Greyhound Board and is another nail in the coffin for an industry already struggling to survive. The IGB state:

The cut of ten per cent will have quite an effect on the industry budget and means that the allocation to the fund will drop from 76.3m Euro to 69.7m Euro. Given the ratio of 80-20 in favour of horses, it means the 2008 greyhound allocation of 15.26m Euro will drop to 13.94m Euro. This is a cut of 1.32m Euro over the year. Betting levy has also been increased from 1% to 2%.

For the full statement please see the IGB website