The Doris Banham Dog Rescue is facing financial disaster due to the enormous numbers of pound dogs that it has saved this year, and the ever increasing number still arriving. Please see their appeal below and help however you can:

“Due to the high numbers of dogs that were due to die in the past few weeks, we have now over 100 dogs in boarding and the charity is now under fatal financial strain. We have many fantastic plans in the pipeline for cheaper boarding and to improve the welfare of the dogs whilst in the pounds. If our doors cannot re-open soon, it will undo everything that we have acheived in changing attitudes in the pounds where staff are now beginning to value dogs that are definitley going to live at the end of the week and need care, walks, blankets, medication and extra food; rather than dead dogs walking to be given minimum requirements.

We have come this far with your help but we have so far to go to continue to save lives and alleviate suffering in the pounds, we need every bit of help you can give us. We need it urgently or it will be too late

Please see the full appeal for this fantastic charity, the only charity that solely helps dogs in pounds, and one which has saved nearly 8000 dogs in the last 3 years: