The annual Westminster dog of the year competition, run by the Kennel Club was won this year by Bob Spink of UKIP and his two retired greyhounds 🙂

The BBC report that:

“A dog breeder, Mr Spink took on the retired greyhounds last Christmas and said he hoped his good experience would encourage more people to do the same. “I am delighted we scored a victory for greyhounds as a breed,” he said.”

“Both six-year old Fozzy Bear and five-year old Jessie were successful during their racing career. Mr Spink, who has bred bearded collies in the past, says being able to give the dogs a home afterwards had “transformed” his life. “They make wonderful pets and are very easy to care for,” he said. “They are charming and gentle and don’t need much exercise. They are altogether lovely dogs.””

Bob Spink and his victorious greyhounds

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