Please support the wonderful work of Greyhound Gap by taking a look at the items available in their October auction to raise money for a much needed dog transport van.

Greyhound Gap say “Greyhound Gap is now progressing as a rescue that can at times capacitate up to and around 50-70 dogs at anyone time. Up until recently we have been able to depend totally on the good grace and kindness of volunteers with all transport runs needed to get dogs to places of safety. However recently we have noticed with the increase of petrol prices and the credit crunch those runs have been harder to put together and totally understandably with todays economy.

However, on Saturday 11th October we needed to collect four dogs safely from an extremely bad situation. Those dogs at 18mnths old had never left the property they were born into or the shed/barn that housed them. The journey back to the safety of the Gap kennels was horrendous not only for the dogs but the people transporting them due to panic from the dogs.

The realisation that we need a fully kitted out vehicle to safely house the dogs has been coming to us for a while now and Saturday it was brought clearly to us that we can no longer manage without one. We are therefore holding an auction to help towards the cost of purchasing the van and fully kitting it out to keep Gap running smoothly and its dogs and volunteers as safe as can be.”

The auction opens tomorrow, 18th October and can be found on their forum on this LINK