Last night BBC’s programme “Inside out London” aired a feature on the Romford greyhound race track.

As expected the arguments were totally one sided and all in favour of the “wonderful and ancient sport”. Any mention of welfare issues were stated as “they say that the greyound racing is cruel”….”they say that for the old dogs its off to the knackers yard” and that “this simply doesnt seem to be the case”.

By THEY we are assuming they mean greyhound campaign groups. The program quotes how Romford track has homed 1500 retired dogs from their tracks since 1999. This is very commendable. HOWEVER, the manner in which they find homes is to advertise the dogs in newspapers and then “people turn up and choose the dog they want and take it home”…no mention of home checking, neutering, vaccinations and post-homing checks to check on the continuing welfare of the dogs homed.

You can watch the program here

(Its the first feature, a few minutes into the program)

This is the Inside out London website

and thier contact page where you can either email complaints about the program or leave a comment

Perhaps we should be asking program presenter Matthew Wright to visit a greyhound rescue centre and to look at some of the evidence of the “so-called” welfare problems in greyhound racing.