Last tuesday a 2 year old male greyhound named Frisby Foreman broke a shoulder when coming out of a bend at Belle Vue stadium.

Please see the following article published by the K9 Magazine in which an interview with Greyhound Action describes the incident and their ongoing investigations.

From the K9 Magazine: “After receiving dozens of calls from viewers, Greyhound Action investigated the incident and has now learned that the dog, who was racing for the first time at Belle Vue, sustained a broken shoulder and was subsequently “put down” by a vet.

Following the incident, the group has renewed it’s calls for an end to greyhound racing at Belle Vue and for the public to totally boycott the dog racing industry.

Greyhound Action’s UK Co-ordinator, Tony Peters, said: “Last Tuesday evening our office received dozens of calls from people who’d been watching the greyhound racing on Sky Sports and were shocked at seeing a dog fall very badly during the 8pm race at Belle Vue.

“We immediately contacted one of our investigators, who has discovered that the greyhound, a 2 year old male, called Frisby Foreman, broke his shoulder as a result of the fall, was carried from the track in agony and was subsequently ‘put down’ by a vet.

“Sadly, such horrific injuries to racing greyhounds are all too common and we are often contacted by members of the public who have witnessed them.

“Thousands of injuries to racing greyhounds occur every year, many of them serious. The main reason for this is that the shape of the tracks, with fast straights leading into tight bends, creates a very dangerous environment for dogs to run in.”

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