A dog owner in Ipswich has called for ALL greyhounds to be muzzled and for greyhounds to be put on the DANGEROUS DOGS ACT!!!!

The Evening Star 24 (Ipswich newspaper) reported on 10th October that:

“A KESGRAVE woman is calling for greyhounds to be muzzled after her pet dog was attacked while out for a walk. Janet Essex, 66, of Jennings Drift, said she was walking her Lhasa Apso, called Simba, on the Millennium field in the town when the attack took place. Mrs Essex said a large black greyhound dashed over to Simba before biting its shoulder and stomach.”

In respsone to the attack Mrs Essex now wants all greyhounds muzzled and classed as “dangerous dogs”:

““It’s about time it was law that these dogs should be kept muzzled while in public.” Mrs Essex said she will be looking to get in touch with authorities in an attempt to get greyhounds recognised as dangerous dogs.”

““Greyhounds, and especially the racing dogs, should be muzzled and kept under control,” she said. “They are trained to catch a rabbit and if they see a little dog running they are going to think it’s a rabbit. “They should be muzzled and there are no two ways about it.””

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