ROSIE was rescued by the Cork Dog Action Welfare Group (DAWG) and is now in foster with ASAP. This is how she was a few weeks ago when she was first found wandering the streets.

Rosie is now a beautiful rough coated lurcher, she is around 3 years old.

She was found wandering the streets, bewildered, dehydrated and very emaciated. She is now in foster in the UK and is blooming in a home environment. She is steadily gaining weight and her coat condition is improving. She has been used for working and has probably been abused during her short life as she has many scars. She can be shy when first meeting new people, particulalry men, but is confident, friendly and playfull and very relaxed when she knows you will not hurt her.

She is living with 9 other dogs, large and small and can therefore be homed with small dogs as well as dogs her own size. She is also suitable to be homed with both males and females. We would prefer to home her with another dog/s but she may also be suitable to be homed as an only dog. She is NOT cat friendly.

Rosie is fully vaccinated but has not yet been speyed as she has been too emaciated.

Please call 0117 9311 981 if you would like to discuss rehoming Rosie, or email us at