Greyhound rescue and campaign groups have done a fantastic job pressuring the housing company L&Q, who are buying Walthamstow racetrack; not to re-instate a greyhound track at the venue. Its greyt news that this track is finally dead and buried. Please see the update issued this week by Greyt Exploitations below:

L&Q have issued a statement following the recent meeting on 17th Sept with the “Save our Stow” campaign.

L&Q’s position has been clearly outlined in this statement and in doing so, have ruled out either selling or leasing Walthamstow to the SOS consortium.

They say” We will not conisder leasing the site for greyhound racing under any circumstances”; and that ” There has still been no offer made by your group for the site under these conditions and we assume no offer wil now be made. Outright sale must also be therefore discounted by us”.

Greyt Exploitations say they find it very encouring that “L&Q, as one of the UK’s largest housing associations, an association who will be acutely aware of soical needs and trends, “do not wish to be legally associated with the running of a greyhound racing business””.

To read the statement in respionse to the SOS proposals use this LINK