Swiss Valley Greyhound Rescue (SVGR) have happily informed us that all eleven of the dogs in the previous appeal now have rescue spaces to go to and are therefore safe. However, due to uncertainties in the status of the track, and whether it will be closing in the near future, there is now another long list of dogs needing rescue spaces. These dogs are NOT in immediate danger but SVGR are asking for help to find rescue spaces, foster and forever homes for these dogs. More dogs are likely to follow.

These are the available dogs, SVGR will add more dogs as and when they become available, their individual pictures are on their website,

Follow the Bear, 51/2 years old, black male
Ronnie, 17 months, black male
Cory’s Dream 41/2 years old, light brindle
Buddy, 31/2 years old, dark brindle
Black Jack, 2 years old, black male
Rooney, 31/2 years old, black and white male
Jobber, 3 years old, black male
Snowy, 4 years old, white and black male
Susie, 3 years old, blue brindle bitch
Beauty, 3 years old, ebony brindle bitch
Good Luck, 21/2 years old, brindle bitch
Goodnight, 21/2 years old, blue bitch
Miranda, 21/2 years old, blue bitch
Bluey, 2 year old, blue bitch.

If you would like to offer a foster place, to adopt or can provide a rescue place for one of these hounds PLEASE call
Angie on 01554 773136
or email