This is an urgent appeal from Swiss Valley Greyhound Rescue in Wales for 11 racing greyhounds needing rescue, foster or forever homes ASAP, the fate of these dogs is UNKNOWN. Please see the appeal below:

‘We at SVGR are overflowing but yesterday we had this list of dogs given to us, they are dogs that need to be taken out of Swansea track kennels asap or sooner, (before they disappear either to meet an untimely end or to be sold to be bred from or given to local lurcher lads) they are supposedly in priority order of the track managers need to have them gone

  1. Blue Babe 18 months to 2 years blue bitch not good with other track dogs.
  2. Beaming Lady 2 years old blue bitch, not good with other track dogs.
  3. Good Luck 21/2 year old brindle bitch
  4. Goodnight 21/2 year old blue bitch
  5. Cory’s Dream 4 year old brindle dog
  6. Beaming Snow 41/2 year old black and white dog
  7. Rob’s Black Jack 2 year old black dog very, very thin extra food hasn’t made a difference
  8. Jobber 31/2 to 4 year old blue dog
  9. Rob’s Legend 2 year old pretty fawn dog
  10. Black Prince 31/2 black dog
  11. Follow the Bear 51/2 year old black dog with white stripe down his face, has been kept so long just to fill the cards.

Is there anyone out there (individual or a rescue) who could find room for just one of these dogs, we are able to get these dogs neutered, vaccinated and micrchipped BUT we have no kennel spaces for them and we have no foster homes empty, these dogs are in real need, we are concerned that due to the decline in rehoming at the moment, that these dogs will be passed on to uncertain futures if we can’t get them out of the Swansea track kennels.
Can anyone help us ?’

Call Angie 01554 773136


Laura 01554 835396