A.S.A.P have just received this news alert from Greyhound Crusaders, saying worryingly that greyhound racing may be introduced at Swaffham raceway in Norfolk. This is the alert:

“Greyhound Crusaders/SWAP team UK have been asked by one of our supporters to look into the possible re-introduction of greyhound racing at Swaffham raceway in Norfolk.We have contacted the local councils and no planning applications relating to the article above have been received as of yet for the new stand at the the Downham Road base, however we have also contacted Swaffham raceway and they have confirmed that greyhound racing will be re-introduced at the stadium soon.

We of course know that the greyhound track is already in existence and may not need any further planning consent except for the one mentioned above, however, if a license is due to expire a new one will be needed and for this reason we are not taking any risks so we are urging all supporters to inundate and educate the councillors below at Swaffham Town Council and Breckland Council and strongly urge them not to pass any planning applications whatsoever for this stadium to re-introduce greyhound racing. We understand some of the equipment from the recent closure of the Walthamstow greyhound stadium has allegedly been purchased to supply the Swaffham track when it re-opens.”

Greyhound Crusaders are urging everyone to flood the Swaffham council with emails educating them to the abuse suffered by greyhounds in the racing industry and why they should not let racing to go ahead in their raceway. Please use the email addresses below and keep correspondance polite:

Councillors on email at Swaffham Council-


Shirley.matthews@norfolk.gov.uk (Mayor Of Swaffham and Chairman of Swaffham Council)


Enquiries dept at Swaffham Town Council-


Main email to the Breckland council-


A news article in the Lynn News describes how “The idea is to make the stadium family-friendly and attract some of the best dogs from all over the country. I really think the greyhounds will take off. It’s the biggest and safest track in the country, compared to the Mildenhall, Yarmouth and Peterborough tracks which are very tight. Kirby has already spent £60,000 on a new greyhound track.”

The track owner also said “We’ve had Derby runners and some of the top dogs from all over the country here before and I see no reason why we can’t attract them again.”

Formerly known as coursing, the first official coursing meeting was held at Swaffham back in 1776. The rules of the Swaffham Coursing Society specified that only two greyhounds were to course a single hare and that the hare was to be given a head start of 240 yards. Kirby plans to host two greyhound meetings a week at the Swaffham venue.

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