From Greyhound Action Scotland

“Greyhound Action Scotland have organised an event at Shawfield Stadium, Rutherglen on 20th september to highlight conditions within the Greyhound racing industry.

Greyhound racing is widely seen as innocent entertainment but investigations into the sport have uncovered evidence of cruelty, neglect and widespread slaughter of dogs involved.

1World Scotland Convenor John Patrick, himself a Rutherglen resident stated “We fully support Greyhound Action Scotland’s campaign. With thousands of healthy dogs being killed each year because they don’t make the grade and the horrific injuries sustained during events greyhound racing in Scotland is a major animal welfare issue which is consistently being ignored. We’ve been shown evidence of dogs being killed by methods such as hammer blows and injection with chemicals like bleach, some of the dogs found dead or abandoned each year have been traced back to Shawfield through their tattoos. The bottom line with some trainers is that if the dogs aren’t going to make them money then they’re surplus to requirements.”

He added “Glasgow City Council have supported Shawfield in the past claiming the venue and the sport to be of cultural and historic significance to the city. We say that if Glasgow residents were aware of the real picture they would disagree. With the scant affordable recreational and sporting facilities in Rutherglen especially for youngsters i’m sure the powers that be could encourage a better and more positive use for the stadium.””