The Ibizian Hound Rescue have asked us to put up Woody’s story in the hope that he may find a home here in the UK when he is ready to travel with his other Spanish friends in November. He has been getting ready for his new home for months and it would be very sad if his friends could come to the UK and had to leave Woody behind 😦

Heres what his carer has to say about him:

“Woody is a young, playful rough coated podenco. He is a very socialble dog who loves to play with humans and dogs alike (he is also small dog friendly). He loves his toys and really likes to let off steam charging around playing, especially with other dogs.
Woody came to us with an old break that had never been treated (and indeed would have been very difficult to treat). He has an old fracture straight across the head of his humerus. He has a slight limp due to this but plays, runs and jumps freely and does not appear to have any pain. The injury is very localised and looks as though it could have been caused deliberately by a heavy blow directly to the shoulder.
Woody is a happy dog who has the ability to make everybody smile. He is gentle with people and is good around children.
Like all our dogs Woody is bloodtested for Mediterranean diseases, neutered, microchipped and fully vaccinated. He can travel to the UK in November.”

Woody is around 60cm tall at the shoulder and weighs around 15kg.

If you are intersted in adopting Woody please contact the Ibizian Hound Rescue at: