A.S.A.P just received an email from the South West Animal Protection who have been supporting the work of an animal rescue in Sri Lanka. They just received news that the rescue is now up and running, with its own website.

Animal SOS Sri Lankawas formed in the autumn of 2006 by seasoned and experienced animal welfare / rights campaigners from the UK. The charity was formed on the vision of Kim Cooling, a social worker from London, herself a long-term animal welfare worker in the UK and overseas.

This small UK registered charity was borne out of the frustration over the depressing animal situation we have witnessed whilst working individually as self-funded volunteers in different parts of the country. We were overcome by the quiet despair, misery and silent suffering of thousands of animals on the island – strays, pets, wildlife and livestock alike. Most obvious is that of the street dogs and strays, because they are everywhere to be seen.

With a distinct lack of decent facilities and safe havens to cater for the health needs and wellbeing of the street animals, Animal SOS Sri Lanka was founded to realise our ultimate goal – to alleviate animal suffering, drastically raise standards in animal welfare and veterinary care, and to leave in place a legacy for their future. ”

The charity have managed to lease a plot of land on which to keep the animals but still desperatley need funds to get a veterinary clinic set up, and for the continued care of the animals. Please visit their website and see how you can help them. Please take just 5 minutes of your time to watch their video below: