Banin is a beautiful greyhound girl in the care of the Orchard Greyhound Sanctuary

Her carers feel that she really deserves her own forever home now and have asked us to put out her appeal. If you think you can offer Banin the perfect home she deserves, please get in touch with the sanctuary directly at

Here’s what the sanctuary say about her:

“Banin has been at this sanctuary a long time now, but with good reason. She arrived here absolutely terrified of people, and would literally tremble from head to toe to tailtip once eye contact was made or if a person was within 10 feet of her. Any closer, and she would push herself up against the wall or try to climb it. Little by little, Banin has improved dramatically, and nowadays is only a little shy around new people, though with some new people she can be unusually receptive. She gets along with all other dogs here, but in the past tended to bully and “hunt” smaller greyhounds who acted too submissive. This habit seems to be fading, and a recent accidental mixing with a group that had a submissive whippet in it had no negative consequences.

Banin is a particularly beautiful little lady, and seeks a quiet home and confident, reassuring owner with perhaps a playful friendly male or female greyhound for companionship. She is a very sensitive and intelligent girl, and is quite ready for someone to give her the love and permanent home she deserves.”